Golf Tip #3

Before you grab your sticks and head to the course...

Set realistic expectations and remember the first few rounds of the season, you will be a little rusty. Do not get frustrated, instead take notes on what areas of your game needs the most help.
Usually after a lengthy time away from the game, we find it's the short game that needs the most attention. Now it's time to hit the range with a practice plan. I tell my students to spend 25 percent of their time on the long game and 75 percent on 100 yards and in. This includes pitching, chipping, putting and bunker play. Follow this strategy, and you will find that you can shake the rust off and be back to playing your best golf in no time!

Golf Tip #2

Tired of three putting? Try this simple tip and keep practicing and you will see results.

Always start by reading your putt from the side. This will give you a good idea of the distance and elevation change that you might not see from behind the ball.

This will help you with judging the right speed to hit your putt. After looking from the side, you then look from behind the ball to determine the line you want to start your putt on.

Now your ready to make your stroke. With a little practice, you will find your first putt ending up closer to the hole giving you the easy tap in we are all looking for.

Golf Tip #1 - Practice with a purpose

To often I see golfers at the range hitting ball after ball with no real goal in mind. In general we need to slow down and have a clear goal with each swing.

For example: when I'm warming up at the range I will hit shots using each club in the bag. When I have completed that I will then hit a driver and then change clubs to a 6 iron. Next I hit 3 wood followed by a 9 iron. What I'm doing is simulating the shots I will face on the course.

Try this and you will play better during your next round of golf.