All Day MEN'S League (WEDNESDAY)

Come join us at Golden Eagle for the All Day Men's League.  Play anytime during the day!  This is is an individual league and you can play with whomever you want because it's only your scores that count.  This is a social league, doesn't tie people down to a team, and is a chance to meet new people each week if you want to.   The more people play, the higher the payouts for games.   

  • 16 weeks League - May 10th through August 24
  • 9 hole league -  alternating front and back each week
  • Enjoy a complimentary tap beer at the end of your round on league day when you turn in your scorecard
  • $5.00 league fee each week to pay for mystery games / hole contests on course
  • Ringer Board Format:
    • We will have a board outside with everyone's  low score per hole for the season -- Each week you can try to better your overall score 
    • The person with the lowest total score (with handicap) wins the league
  • Patron / League Cards Available - $199 ($15.00 Green Fee - Sunday after 1:00 - Thursday)
  • Must play with at least a 2 some, no singles (Both people don't have to be in the league)
  • Ghin Handicap Required